Consulting and Training Organization Wide




  • Align direction
  • Grasp current condition
  • Set challenge targets
  • Ensure feedback

STRUCTURED for growth

Business organizations, especially small to mid size companies often struggle with achieving goals for growth, profitability, and the levers to lead and manage effectively. While that vision for growth may be clear among ownership, it often doesn’t translate into clear actionable plans and system measures to know if the organization is on track to match-up to expectations.

Our proven strategic alignment experts have worked with owners and leadership teams in many types of industries to create a shared understanding of the business vision, current environment, and how to establish and structure inter-system, and other stakeholder measures to monitor the feedback for more proactive, intentional leadership.

  • Better understanding to build leadership trust with quick simplified models
  • Alignment on the levers contributing to top and bottom line impacts
  • Better decision making as to capital expenditures and resource capacity
  • Ensuring risk and opportunity assessments include market, product, process, and people factors.
  • Best placement of continuous improvement activities

A private family owned client had a highly dedicated leadership and experienced steady growth over a number of years after surviving several recessions and market downturns. When demand outpaced capacity to meet their direct customer and market distribution needs, their ownership reached out for assistance in a lean continuous improvement initiative - how to do more with the same resources? Our expert led the client through a clarification of the strategic vision, goals, and objectives because improvement initiatives had no clear tie to lever and any specific stated strategy or goals. It just sounded good and their other competitors were doing lean so they thought lean would be the silver bullet for them as well.

The ownership and leadership team were taught how to think more critically about how available capacity could realistically meet the revenue and cost reduction goals. This provided clear measurable targets for the leadership team to help focus the right product, process, and teams around meeting those strategic goals and objectives.

We often see this in companies where by close communication and involvement of the owner, these goals are assumed to be clear on delivery methods to meet target. Nothing is ever formalized, written down, or clearly communicated. We recognized this as a case of what Grit’s founder Ann Goebel titled over twenty-five years ago as “Strategic Goals with Holes”. That is a sound strategy with no plan of how to execute those goals different from what worked in the past. Now our network of experts lead with strategy and assist owners and leaders develop balanced strategic planning up front.

  • Strategic Planning Retreats and Workshops
  • Alignment Modeling
  • Financial Analysis
  • EOS coaching
  • Company Valuation
  • Top Line Growth Assessment
  • Market Assessment and Planning
  • Social Media Market Strategy Analysis
  • AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)


Continuos improvement
  • Identify waste
  • Create solutions
  • Sustain bottom line gains


Business organizations have may have been using Lean principles in the past, but few have committed to building a culture of continuous improvement. If your ready to engage leaders and employees at all levels to see waste and eliminate it, then contact Grit to customize and deliver on a plan designed around your unique needs.

Our continuous improvement experts have worked with many types of organizations to develop and coach effective process improvement. We use practical approaches for applied training techniques in workshop formats to help employees see work differently so they develop new patterns of repeatable problem solving.

  • Better predictability and control of lead times, inventory, and information flows
  • Increased employee skills, and work ownership
  • Lower production costs, decreased rework, scrap, and confusion
  • Improved workplace safety and morale
  • Practical measures to identify problems when small versus out of control

A client needed to shorten standard order lead times significantly to meet a key customer product demand or face losing that customer. Our continuous improvement expert led the client through a value stream analysis of their key processes to allow team members to examine the flow of information and production from PO to shipment. This work team and leadership were taught how to identify wasted time and develop a plan to implement improvements. The client implemented our lean plan and not only saved the customer’s business but was named that customer’s top supplier the following year. With a culture of continuous improvement in place, the client saw significantly reduced lead times and rework when they applied our training across their other product lines and process areas as well. This positioned them for tremendous growth in subsequent years.
Grit has hundreds of other similar continuous improvement stories from throughout our twenty-five year plus past project history.

  • Strategic Fit
  • Manufacturing and Process Engineering
  • Toyota KATA
  • A3
  • Value Stream Mapping, Analysis, and Management
  • Lean 101 Learning Simulations
  • 5S Visual Workplace Organization
  • Kaizen Workshops (Blitz, Point, or System Level)
  • Facility Flow Analysis
  • Quick Change-over (Set-up Reduction)
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • FMEA for Process and Design
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Standard Work
  • Theory of Constraints


  • When your market and customers demand it, use ISO 9001 to build smart standards
  • Guard company knowledge, and retain flexibility

GET ISO certified AND business value added

Today, the new ISO 9001:2015 standard presents a real opportunity to position all aspects of your business with a baseline of excellence. Both you, customers and suppliers alike want to know that sound controls are in place while adding value at the same time. We have deep experience helping clients build out an ISO system that is streamlined, meaningful, and successfully auditable. We will prepare or even sit along side your team during the certification and surveillance audit process.

ISO 9001
  • Experience to wrap a certifiable system around your current processes
  • Integrated management, customer, and support processes
  • Realize certification to a credential recognized worldwide
  • Take credit for the great things your doing – fine tune what is missing

A client with a long history of market sector success needed to achieve ISO 9001 certification to secure a major new piece of business in a market sector closely aligned with their core technologies. In addition, our client was also interested in how ISO could advance the operational structure. Our expert consultant quickly helped the leadership team demystify ISO but also how to define what they already had in place that was working and where gaps in performance to meet the standard existed. Through our expert experience the company put in place a structure for management to clarify and set in place better measures to provide company wide feedback on how the company was running in the areas of design, order processing, rework, complaints, aged receivables, safety, maintenance, employee culture and retention, and supply chain. The company first achieved ISO 9001:2008 status with no findings, and made transition to the new 2015 standard while adding design and development to their certification scope.

The company has been able to attract even larger clients in their previous market lanes and is expanding site capacity to meet expected growth.

Grit has a long history of success in assisting clients adopt the ISO standard to improve business culture and to seek certification. However, our mission is always to guide a client in what makes sense for business value added first. Meeting the standard is secondary so that systems remain practical, sustainable, and effective with clarity of purpose by leadership, employees, and customers.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Gap Assessment
  • ISO 9001:2015 System Development and Certification Support
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Supplier Assessments and Qualification
  • Internal Auditing Services
  • Risk Assessment Models


  • Increase workforce competency
  • Consistency of process
  • Reduce turnover
  • Cohesive culture


Few business concerns accomplish anything without people. We have a tight labor market, and retaining quality employees requires innovative approaches to meet the diverse generational, cultural, and transformational needs of their unique skillsets. Were your trainers ever trained in how people learn or are you continuing to go through the motions of “on the job training” exclusively? How often have you had a conversation with your people about self-leadership? Are you identifying your next group of committed empowered leaders? In fact, are you developing them as leaders or managers? There is a difference.

  • New approaches to training design and delivery
  • Increased employee competency and engagement
  • Identify gaps in skills and supervisory leadership at all levels
  • Prepare for your next phase of growth
  • Retain organizational knowledge to reduce risk to core processes

A client needed to solve quality and lead-time issues, which were impacting a major long time customer central to their overall business growth. They had experience quite a few retirements in the previous years and while able to attract new work force to continue meeting demand, the new work force were contributing to the quality and time issues. We were able to help the client identify the root causes as inconsistencies in work process and work process competency due to trainer skills. Our expert taught client teams to use both Lean Kaizen to improve the work process, then coupled those improvements with Within Industry (TWI) - Job Methods design, and TWI – Job Instruction to retrain everyone.
Lead time gains were made and scrap and rework were greatly reduced.
Grit has a deep history of talent development with experts coming from real industry and business training backgrounds, award winning university teaching positions, and industry appointed advisory, grant, and mentoring projects.


· Employee Culture Assessment
· Training Methods Assessment
· Retention Tracking
· TWI Training Within Industry
o Job Methods (design standard work for instruction)
o Job Instruction (how to teach effectively)
o Job Relations (how to coach and give feedback)
· Integrated Continuous Improvement
· Project Management
· Change Management
· Learning Simulation Design
· KATA patterns of problem solving